DanMemo Craftable Equipment Catalogue Guide

Once again, /u/Kadedeal has created an amazing resource for the DanMachi Memoria Freese community. This time, we have an updated Craftable Equipment Catalogue! View the Spreadsheet here.

Gacha Expected Values by Banners (Updated to include Kino) (by Murikumo)

Thanks to Murikumo for another great Gacha guide! Hello everyone, Previously I provided some probability distributions to explain the odds in the Dan Memo Gatcha system. (You can view this here.) While this is nice because it let’s us know that there is a 24.3350% chance to get a […]

[Maintenance] May 1st, 01:00 PST – 01:30 PST

DanMachi Memoria Freese will undergo server maintenance tonight from 1:00-1:30 PST (AM) May 1st. Keep in mind that the last server maintenance was only scheduled for a short window and ended up lasting several hours, so, expect a lengthy maintenance and be surprised if it’s 30 minutes.

DanMachi Memoria Freese Assists Catalogue

The super awesome /u/Kadedeal has shared his AMAZING Assists catalogue with us. It’s continuously being updated, and has great filters built into it. I highly recommend adding this into your “useful tools” rotation. View the Spreadsheet here!

[Event] Welcome Back Quest

If you have not logged into the game for the last 18+ days, a 14 day Welcome Back quest event has started for you.   Total 14 Day Reward : Hero Falna 14 All Color Falna 140 each Exp Large 280 Gold 5,600,000

Kino Banner Tier List Update

 We’re working on getting an updated Tier List for the free mobile game DanMachi Memoria Freese with the new Kino Banner content – but as you know it takes testing and time to ensure we give everyone the best information. In the meantime, I’m gathering the best thought […]

New Limited Characters LB Items!

New Limited Characters LB items! You can only use these on Limited Characters, represented by the “Time-Limited” badge on the Unit Details screen in the free mobile game DanMachi Memoria Freese. You do NOT have to use them on a SPECIFIC Time-Limited character, so you can save them […]

Issues with Banner for Kino Collab Memorial Box

Hey free mobile game DanMachi Memoria Freese fans! We have an announcement from the devs in regards to the following issue with the Kino Collab Memorial Box:  

Kino Banner JP Translations

The people in JP Discord (posted by Aoba Suzukaze) have translated the skills of the Units in the Kino Banner. (Click images to see full-size) Adventurers   — 4* Kino and Hermes [Adventurer – Physical Type] HP2600 MP199 Str 1417 End 421 Dex 557 Agi 820 Magic 313 […]

DanMachi Memoria Freese War Games: Trial Battles (Super useful tip!)

With Season 2 of War Games coming soon, and thanks to /u/cmg007 on our subreddit, we’ve been made aware of an awesome tip to use for the upcoming War Games. Trial Battles in DanMachi Memoria Freese War Games Trial Battles in War Games from DanmachiMemoriaFreeze With the War […]